Editing with Hart Tracy Hart, editor and writing coach
About Tracy Hart How old were you when you first knew you loved to write? My 1st grade teacher at P.S. 115 in Queens encouraged me to connect feelings with language. She had us stand in front of the class and recite our own poems, which she transcribed and “mimeographed.” I still have them. The first one, as simple as a child’s hand print, is below: Tapping into child-like joy can spark a discovery of your creative talents. Personally, I am transported when writing; it’s when I feel most connected to a Source beyond myself. My natural draw towards writing and editing led me to work in the Editorial Dept. of two medical magazines, become Editor of the GE Investments’ internal newsletter, and receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut.
The road to life and career satisfaction is circuitous; I diverted to another ardent interest- psychology. How do childhood experiences effect our self-concept and life choices? How can we heal what has been twisted or tied into knots? I earned an MSW Degree in Clinical Counseling from Smith College. Fifteen years ago, I returned to editing and writing, but these worlds are easily merged. What is a story, if not an author’s desire to discover the personal meaning of their lives, hopefully while being entertaining as well as enlightening. Relishing variety, Editing with Hart has afforded me the opportunity to work in all genres, with seasoned authors and passionate beginners. I love them all! It is a privilege to witness the tender sharing of one’s unpolished work – the honesty of spirit – so vital for powerful expression. In my experience, the journey to actualizing one’s gifts meanders. Joy, a sense of purpose, and fulfillment when writing, editing, or doing psychotherapy, confirms I’m on my true path. I welcome the opportunity to support you on yours!


Tracy leads writing workshops, at the Harvard Medical School CME Course: Writing, Publishing, and Social Media for Healthcare Professionals! _____ Important improvements thoughtful editing offers: eliminates redundancy focuses on pace and the flow of transitions and topics increases vocabulary variety preserves an author's integrity throughout the manuscript - that is: to make sure facts are consistent, the chronology is followed and that statements in non-fiction books are substantiated. Additionally, considering the audience is a focus. Depending on the genre, the goal is to refine an author's ideas so they reach the broadest audience with the greatest impact.

Photo credit: Jacob Abraham