Editing with Hart Tracy Hart, editor and writing coach


Aspiring Authors It’s NEVER too late to express yourself through writing! A client (and friend) published his first book at 91. But why wait? You already have what publishers identify as the necessary ingredient for potential success: your own voice, your singular perspective from living your unique life. Trust. That’s all you need to get started. My dear friend Bish’s life philosophy: “If you feel led, feel free.” Trust that you are responding to a talent, perhaps undeveloped, but it has birthed a desire, deep and true. Feel free to honor this inner prompting to write. So…do you have a dynamic idea or several inspiring possibilities? Unsure how to proceed? No problem. Tailored writing exercises can stimulate creativity and foster clarity related to your project’s direction. Timely and collaborative reflection follows: validation for strengths, and guidance to bolster weaknesses. This is a gentle, supportive process – and there are always strengths! My role is to help you access your true voice and identify writing habits that interfere with presenting a polished submission. We work in concert as you create, develop, and revise a manuscript ready for publication! Perhaps scary initially, but many clients report: Writing is fun and satisfying!

Photo credit: Tracy Hart