Editing with Hart Tracy Hart, editor and writing coach


Editing and Writer’s Coaching Completed Manuscripts ﷯Manuscripts are emailed as a Word Document to editingwithhart@gmail.com. I edit directly on text document; tracked changes are visible (see “Sample Edit Offer”). You can also submit through regular mail. Send to: P.O. Box 5293, South Kingstown, RI 02879 Authors submit questions on writing style, craft, or request an edit/proofing read-through. Line-by-line edited text is emailed or sent back with a cover letter providing additional feedback, along with publishing direction if requested. A 20 minute “gratis” call or email is offered to clarify particulars about the writing project. (Sometimes clients choose to hold off on this call and use it later in the process.) New projects usually begin one to three weeks after receipt of manuscript. If authors are within driving distance to Rhode Island, face-to-face consultations can be scheduled at my office at 27 North Road, Peace Dale, RI 02883. REVISE, REVISE, REVISE - Development and polishing of a manuscript is a back-and-forth process: You submit, I edit, often you resubmit. I often work chapter-by-chapter so you can address changes that ripple through your story, and I do not use time/retainer money on text that we know needs to be altered. For those requesting coaching, a detailed consultation will be followed by individualized goal setting and schedules/writing exercises/guided visualizations/support mechanisms, etc. Fees Fees are on a per hour basis and are negotiated at the time of inquiry. A retainer “bank” is set up whereby two to ten hours of editing time/funds are sent by check or money order to: Tracy Hart, P. O. Box 5293, South Kingstown, RI 02879. Some writers feel more comfortable with a formal “Agreement for Services” and I’m happy to comply. As we move through the process, I keep you apprised of time/funds being utilized. A general estimate is 6-10 minutes per page to read, process, edit, and respond. A thorough analysis is provided; however, if text is close to final form, the per page reading time may be shorter. Unused funds are returned or kept in the “bank,” as per the writer’s request. Copyright Protection As soon as your work has been created, even if not yet published, it is protected under The Copyright Law, effective January 1, 1978. The law recognizes you as creator and owner of the work, and grants you all rights, benefits and privileges that ownership entails. If you file a lawsuit for copyright infringement, registration of copyright would be necessary. Go to www.copyright.gov/ for more info. and related costs. There is also the old-fashioned way: print out your manuscript, mail in sealed envelope to yourself, (have post office put stamp across the seal) then put away in safe place. Statistically, you will never need this!

Photo Credit: Linnea Abraham