Editing with Hart Tracy Hart, editor and writing coach


Editing Feedback, tracked line-by-line, on: • strength and uniqueness of “voice” • compelling words and variety • clarity (Are plot points or character choices ___ confusing?) • dialogue • grammar/tenses • sentence and paragraph structure • punctuation/spelling • language (i.e., appropriate children’s ____vocabulary for targeted age groups)  Further assessment is provided on: • story arcs • plot pacing • character development • text continuity • your ending - satisfying? Is your story a page-turner? For writers of: adult, teen and children’s fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles, professional papers, and plays.
Writer’s Coach Stuck? My MSW Degree in Clinical Counseling from Smith College is the foundation from which I coach clients with “frozen pens.” I offer: • check–in support program via phone or email • tailored questionnaire to learn nature of resistance • writing assignments to budge the block and change ___patterns related to process • relaxation and focusing exercises • individualized creative visualizations to encourage ___contact with inner voice and internal support system • deadline scheduling
Publishing Direction Sharing information and resources on: • query letters • book proposals • submission process • agents • traditional publishing house versus self-publishing • magazines • writer’s organizations and conferences • writer’s websites and contests

Photo credit: Tracy Hart